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CYPRUS  & the End Times:   Strategic in the Middle East

Cyprus was well known in Biblical Times. The Island served strategic and trade purposes for surrounding peoples. The nation is suffering financial crisis at present.

As you can see from the above picture, Cyprus is near Israel and the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. It is in a strategic position as a neutral 'Christian' nation, except a third of the land area which Turkey annexed in 1974. This is in the north and is Moslem in terms of religion.

The key to this map is Israel.‘This is Jerusalem, which I have set in the centre of the nations, with countries all around her.’ (The Bible: Ezekiel chapter 5 verse 5). That describes the importance of Jerusalem and Israel from GOD'S point of view! Cyprus is only about 90 miles from Northern Israel.

However, as we pray for Cyprus, and also encourage you to do so in this time of economic and political uncertainty, we believe God has a particular plan and purpose for this nation in these 'End Times', and it could well be in relation to Israel. The North of Cyprus, occupied by Turks, has a very different 'spiritual atmosphere' to the rest of the island. However, all over the island of Cyprus, God is clearly at work uniting true believers to serve Him together.

 If you wish to know more about the vision for Cyprus in relation to Israel and the Middle East, which is sensitive material, then please email   with your request, and your own church or other background. Thank you. D.   


Below are a few 'markers' for recent years in Cyprus, for your interest:    

2011: The explosives blast at the main Electricity generating station in Cyprus took out over half of the supplies to the island in one hit. (Video below)







On July 11, 2011, a massive series of explosions destroyed Cyprus' main power plant and killing 13 innocent lives. 90+ uncared-for containers full of ammunition were left in a dump at the Evangelos Florakis naval base since 2009. Pleas from the Navy officials to correct the situation were left unanswered for years by the government. The containers were sitting right next to the Vassiliko power plant, which provided more than 50% of the electricity consumption of the island, in the open, without any proper shelter or safety measures.

The shattering of the plant in July 2011 left the island stranded with daily power cuts, a major political scandal and citizens up in arms against the disregard of basic safety rules by their elected officials, from the bottom to President Christofias, and the lack of competency of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus to provide any satisfactory planning in the daily brownouts, leading the economy in recession.

Who leaves such dangerous materials next to a major —and critical— civilian power plant?

The country's defense minister and the head of the National Guard have resigned over the deadly explosion at a naval base that killed 13 people and injured more than 60. Investigators have ruled out sabotage. The blast -- described as a disaster of "biblical proportions" -- has also knocked out the island's largest electricity station, causing widespread power cuts.


Cyprus in mourning... Below is a short comment from friends of ours over in Cyprus:

The country is dealing with the aftermath of a massive explosion which took place on July 11th. The explosion destroyed the main power station at Mari, and took the lives of 13 people, some of them children. The explosive materials had been taken from a ship bound for Syria coming from Iran two years ago, that was sailing under a Cyprus flag. The explosives were then left '' in storage" outside in the sun right by the main power plant in the country. Of course they were highly unstable and the worst case scenario happened. Many homes were destroyed and the death toll could have been much bigger had it happened later in the day. Since then Cyprus has been in uproar, with thousands taking to the streets to demonstrate and vent their anger at the government here. Apparently the government had been warned again and again to do something to ensure the safety of the explosive material. The USA and German governments had offered technical support and help, the offers were declined. The people are very upset here. Many are asking for the President Christofias to step down, and the blaming and finger pointing is in full swing right now. At the beginning of August, the President announced his whole cabinet in the government are to be replaced. The estimated cost to rebuild the power station is said to be two billion Euros. Now in the heat of the summer most of the South of the Island is experiencing power cuts and water shortages to homes and businesses.



Also, housing development has been suffering in these times of recession (video below)  


Buyers of properties at Paradise Hills development in a village near Paphos are facing an uncertain future over the completion of the site and ownership of their homes, after a rescue plan was rejected by the Bank of Cyprus. The development company went into liquidation.

2012: 'You've never had it so good!' Cyprus banking and greed came to a point of no return. God hates greed and corruption. In His time He brings a nation down, but only in order to cleanse and restore the nation to righteousness.

The Bible: Psalm 89 verse 14: Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.


2013: The Financial Crisis....the Cyprus banking 'meltdown', known worldwide. We are still in crisis, but slowly recovering.

Resulting from heavy losses over Greece's economic woes, Cypriot banks suffered severe losses. The knock-on effect has been that Cyprus's economy has been badly effected. The nation is near bankruptcy and is now also seeking an EU bailout. We watch and pray with concern for this small nation....see video below.




A report from March 2013:  'Who says God does not answer prayer!'

" Many churches in Cyprus were praying last Sunday for God's wisdom for the government, and His solution to the Cyprus bank closure situation. The banks opened today at last after two weeks closure! There will be ramifications of the agreement for bailout and a knock on watch this space! "


 2014: The 40th year of occupation....a biblically significant number. The Hebrews came out of the wilderness after 40 years, becoming the nation of Israel. The 1949 East / West divide in Germany including the Berlin Wall was healed after 40 years, in 1989. We are sensing that God is going to do something significant in 2014, 40 years from the Turkish invasion.



Below is a short clip from a Sunday morning service (they last 3-4 hours) in a Cypriot house fellowship.

(Allow extra time for this particular video to load.) 



Who says God does not answer prayer!

We returned from two weeks in Cyprus, the   first  week being taken up by maintenance, days of prayer and fasting, preaching, evening meetings, visits to believers, etc. The second week, as a result of someone hearing me preaching, we housed and cared for a homeless young jewish man. By the end of the week, he had found a job, was in line for management training, had a sponsor,  and had signed to rent an apartment !  God is GOOD!


The Church in Cyprus:


Give thanks for the Greek Cypriot believers in Cyprus, the indigenous people of the land, that their culture is so family and people-orientated. Give thanks that the ex-pat community believers tend to be efficient and effective in mobilising in projects and outreach. Pray for a greater mixing of these characteristics to affect the whole church in Cyprus, so that God's people are more loving and caring and yet effective and well mobilised in outreach. Compare the two groups, Christian Cypriot believers and the Ex pat community of believers, with what the Bible promises, and what I believe is God’s prophetic promise to the Church in Cyprus :

Ezekiel chapter 37 verse19:    I am going to take the stick of Joseph—which is in Ephraim's hand—and of the Israelite tribes associated with him, and join it to Judah's stick, making them one in your hands.'    AMEN!


































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