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OUR CHURCH IN ENGLAND                                                          (TO BE UPDATED)

We worship at Kingdom Faith Church. We've been there since going to the Bible College which is part of Kingdom Faith Church & its ministries. The following video will give you an idea of the spirit with which the Church is advancing. The senior pastor of the church, Clive Urquhart, made this to share his vision for the church.






We recently held a conference at the Church about  RECONCILIATION.

The two conference speakers were a Jewish pastor of a Messianic church in Israel, and an Arab pastor of an Arab fellowship in Israel. Thoiugh their respective communities are effectively fighting one another, with lives lost, the Christian communities which the two speakers represented within their Jewish and Arabic groupings have learned to be reconciled in peace and love toward one another. True peace in the Middle East, amid conflict! 

 Now the GB government is interested in how such peace and reconciliation can be achieved. Of course, we know that only by the love of Christ in and through one another can such a place of peace be found. Christ IS our PEACE....peace with God and peace with one another.  



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