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THE MOST RECENT PROPHETIC MATERIAL FROM OTHERS...1 - 4                                        (TO BE UPDATED)

 1. A prophetic forecast for the years 2012, 2011 and 2010 from a local prophet, Sarah Rowlinson. Interesting to check out the years 2011 & 2010 since they are completed.


2012 , I believe is the year of PRESSURE AND GLORY.   “Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. See darkness covers the Earth and the darkness is over the people, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.” Isaiah 60:1-2

2012 see the opportunity for the most unprecedented release of the Lord’s glory and presence in the lives of God’s people. The economic pressures, and pressures within the world systems, are creating an opportunity for the Lord’s people to make a transition out of their flesh to a higher walk in the Spirit. As pressure on the flesh will increase this year. That pressure will force a greater cohesion within the body of Christ, those who will humble themselves before God and others, and ask for help in those areas where they are weak.

We are to pursue a greater marriage between the natural and spiritual in 2012, with the Spirit remaining in dominance.

Leaders in all arenas need to prune back their activities toward the end of 2011 to make room, so that when the Glory comes they have the needed capacity to absorb what has been released, both spiritually and practically. Asking the Lord what activities and mandates He is initiating and resourcing.

The Lord’s intention is that the pressure causes His people to lean on Him hard, and be strengthened and equipped to handle and receive great outpouring of His Glory, His power and His presence.

In this outpouring we will also see a real release of strategic direction – plans and directives from heaven – that are designed to impact the world.    NOVEMBER 2011




2011 is the year of WORK. Consolidating what opened up in 2010.

2010 was the year of the Lord’s favour. Some have not been able to embrace the fullness of their positioning and favour, for they did not understand the context within which it was happening. Esther, Joseph, David, were all positioned for favour, within extremely pressing and difficult circumstances. Others missed that season’s favour for they did not understand that the favour was not for themselves, but it was for the release and the blessing of others.  I heard the Spirit of God say “Take the high places.”

We have crossed over into the promised land now and Deuteronomy 12:1-32 explains that there is a change in expectation from the Lord once you possess the land. Vs 8 “.. you shall not do according to what we do here in the camp this day, every man doing whatever looks right in his own eyes.”

I believe that there is a re-emphasis on the corporate, and the church, and a move away from individualism.

In 2011 there will be an in-gathering of those who have fled the church, a calling back and calling back in.

The Lord is at this time marshalling, unifying, and connecting his troops for cohesive advancement.

We are entering into the JOSIAH ERA. We are entering into an era of REFORMATION, both inside and outside the church.

The coalition in the UK government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats is a prophetic sign within the nation. The coalition formed because they were not strong enough to rule or accomplish the battle against the deficit alone. I believe 2011 heralds a season of coalitions that are in the heart of God.

For the church it is for different streams, branches of the church to come into coalition to achieve on behalf of a whole nation. These coalitions will also take place right across the board in the business arena also.

Where Christians will unify and come into coalition, there will be an amassing of the Lord’s troops to move into social and political action, as well as spiritual action to usher in this reformation and the Josiah era.    JANUARY 2011




2010 , I believe, denotes a new decade in the spirit, where a 10 year preparation time has ended for many of God’s people and it is their time to emerge under the hand of God and pursue and be positioned, ready and in place, as Joseph was, for the shaking to come. [I don’t have a set timing for the shaking, or its specific nature, but I don’t feel it will be in 2010, it is further off than that.] The Lord told me 2010 is a year of explosions and catapaulting. I saw explosions and people being catapulted into their divine destinies. The preparation time is over! I saw some people being thrust even into different nations and occupations to do the things they have been destined and called by God to do. Some will be thrust into different nations because the environment within the UK is not yet ready to receive the emerging gift, whether it be a business or an occupation, message or calling. They will be equipped and strengthened elsewhere to be fruitful here. The immature plant needs a more spacious environment to grow and become more seasoned and strong and to then come back and be planted securely and robustly, to reproduce.

2010 is going to be a year of powerful thrusts. The church of God is going to be propelled into a different atmosphere and climate. Just as a space rocket gets thrust from the earth’s atmosphere into space, so the church will be in 2010.

However, we must get ready. This next season requires total surrender. Just as everything is checked thoroughly before a space shuttle is launched, and if there is the smallest thing out of line the launch gets aborted, so it is for us.

God is not looking for perfection, just a surrendered heart and life. If the shuttle has something slightly not in line, when it is thrust into the outer atmosphere it could be severely damaged, or not survive the launch. God loves us too much for this.

I believe in 2010 God’s people are being offered the opportunity (again) to go and possess the land, just as the Israelites were as they come out of the desert. NOVEMBER 2009


Context for 2010 Prophetic Word

In June 2008 the Lord showed me that more shaking was coming to the UK. I saw increased economic pressure and many of our current national structures being overwhelmed with the needs arising in the nation.

This shaking is not just touching the UK but the nations. Just as there were biblical famines that affected whole regions of the earth, something of this nature is unfolding currently. World systems are being shaken and within the UK something more is coming which will shake government, banks, health and welfare agencies. They will not be able to meet the needs that will arise. I saw many homes being repossessed and people having nowhere to live and cars being taken back, as well as large national companies going bankrupt.

HOWEVER, amongst this the Lord has a plan of positioning and restoration of the nation. Within a context of uncertainty and need He has His people prepared. Many have undergone preparation, just as Joseph was prepared in the pit and the prison to rise up and be the solution in these times ahead, acting as conduits of His presence and of His strategies.

I see new technologies being birthed, governmental strategies released, effective administration systems devised to meet needs and even the media co-operating with the rebuilding of the nation. These things will, in part, be released through divine innovations given to God’s people.

Haggai 2: vs.4-6

“Yet be strong, alert and courageous O Zerrubabel (government leader of the day) says the Lord; be strong, alert and courageous O Joshua son of Jehozadak (the high priest of the day); be strong alert and courageous all you people of the land says the Lord and work! For I am the Lord of hosts.

According to the promise I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt, so my Spirit stands and abides within the midst of you; fear not.

For Thus says the Lord of Hosts; Yet once more I will shake and make tremble the starry heavens, the earth, the sea and the dry land.”

So the Lord exhorts those in government, the church and the people of the land to be strong, courageous and work for He is in the midst of us.

I believe the disruptions to come are going to open up opportunities, not just for positionings but for ownership. This next decade is one of OWNERSHIP, particularly for God’s people, who He is calling to rise up in faith and literally to take back the land. This is a time to buy and own land, buildings, houses and businesses. But not to operate in presumption and financial extension and debt to do so. That was the error of the last season. We must attain these things via faith and true financial diligence and wisdom. To those who receive the grace of this season to step up into ownership through faith, God is going to grant miracles of provision and influence. I see people buying land, buildings, cars etc outright in cash. Just as the Israelites had to move from relying on manna to working the land they fought for and won, so we will receive through faith and the work of our hands, not just supernatural handouts (manna).

A key component for succeeding in the next season in church, government or business for many is serving the local community. Those who build in their locality will have some kind of shelter and effectiveness in the next level of shaking. Where national structures fail, local initiatives will come in. I see local churches becoming like lifeboats, pooling resources and expertise to firstly care for their own and then the people around them. Administrators will be crucial in the season to come.





2. A Prophetic word for Great Britain, delivered by Lance Lambert on Saturday 6th August 2011.

       Hear the voice of the Lord, O Isles that I have so greatly loved and favoured. I the Lord the Almighty, I took you when you were nothing, clothed with skins and woad, and through My saving power, I made you great. When you were nothing, through My Word and your faith in Me, I lifted you and made you Great Britain. Through many awakenings and many revivals, stage by stage, I took you until you became a great power with the greatest Empire in the history of the nations. From you My Gospel and My Word went throughout the world, and tens of thousands came into an experience of saving faith! That Empire with all its many failings and weaknesses was still one of the most just and righteous Empires of history.

 Those Isles of yours were soaked with the blood of My faithful martyrs and its soil received the burnt ashes of those who would not renounce My Name, My Truth, and My Word. I, the Lord have not forgotten those who gave their all for Me!

 But now the whole nation that I created and sustained has turned from Me. They paganise their land, state and institutions; there is no voice heard to warn the nation. False religion, the work of world rulers of darkness, cover your Isles; A Laodicean church, neither hot nor cold, rumbles on like machinery. It is a church where I am outside of its routine; its organisation and its methodology. It is Christianity without Me: Religion without Me!

 My being is seared with pain, for judgement is determined against your land. I can do no other. I will destroy the vestiges of her greatness; I will return her to her first estate. I will wreck her economy, destabilise her in every way. I will change her climate, even her weather. I will prove to her that the way of the transgressor is hard and terrible. I will allow demonic forces held in check erstwhile by My Word and Gospel, and the living faith of so many, to become rampant in her social life, to the destruction of her society.

 Will you who know Me and love Me go blind and dumb and deaf into this judgement?

 It is time for you who love Me, who are faithful to Me, to take action! Stand before Me and plead The Finished Work of My Son. At least cry out to Me, that there will be those who turn from darkness, from sin, and be saved. For whosoever shall call upon My Name in the midst of these judgements, I will save!

 It will cost you everything to stand in the gap, but you will enter into My heart, and know deep fellowship with Me. Such travail conceived in your heart by My Spirit will cost your deeply, but it will end in My Throne and Glory.







3. Prophetic word delivered in Jerusalem, by Lance Lambert, for the Church in relation to Israel and to intercessory prayer.  Sunday 17th April 2011 

 It is well with you that you intercede for Israel that she be saved, for it is My purpose to save her. I will complete the circle of Redemption that began with Abraham and my promise that a great nation would come forth from him, and that in him would all the families of the earth be blessed. And so it has happened! For Israel became the vehicle through which My Word has come to all the nations; And also My Salvation; and the knowledge of My Purpose. From this nation, above all, came the Messiah.

Soon the fullness of the Gentiles will have been saved, and I will turn again to Israel, to My Jewish People. They shall be re-ingrafted into their own olive tree, and My promise to Abraham will be gloriously fulfilled. Then their hardness of heart will melt, their blindness be turned into sight, and their suffering to radiant Glory. This is My determined purpose, and I shall not be turned from it. It will shortly begin to be fulfilled. I will turn all their weakness into unbelievable power, and I will use this nation as the last witness to the world as to who I am.

Take very seriously what is taking place in the Arab world. It is no good for Israel! It is not a move toward freedom and true democracy, but an enormous gain for militant Islam. They will seek to annihilate and liquidate Israel, but they will not only fail; their strength and power will be broken, and a huge harvest of souls will be saved from amongst them. 

Hear Me, I call you to intercession! It will not be easy. All the powers of My enemy are centred and focused on stopping this people from coming into My Redemption and Salvation. But he will fail! I look therefore for those who will stand in the gap, who will build up the wall; those who will stand in the place of intercession.

Shortly also I will begin more serious judgment on the Western nations. I will bring them to nothing; I will turn them upside down; I will grind them to powder. They will not know what has hit them. It will seem as if there is nothing left of what once I worked in those nations; Especially that Superpower. I will bring it to weakness; she will no longer be super, but a pity of the nations.

Hear this Word of Mine; I call you to intercede for those who belong to Me in those nations; that they will be saved from it! Hear this cry. My heart yearns for those who belong to Me, that they might be clear in their understanding, clear in the way that they are to walk in the midst of all this. Do hear Me! For I speak to you who love Me, and who have this morning remembered Me; I do not desire judgment, but judgment of the most serious and devastating kind will fall upon those nations. Hear this Word from Me, and obey My call to intercession!



4. A prophetic word by Keith Powell, a Church of England leader in early 2011:

I came across this 'prophetic' talk recently, given by a prophetic Church of England leader (K.Powell). As my own church was in the period of a 40 day fast, the prophetic word fitted in and seemed very relevant to where we are as a church, along with many other churches who are fasting and praying over 40 day periods as we enter the year 2011. The person giving the talk believes the Lord is saying that 2011 is pivotal for the church and nation. Read this and decide for yourself.


In 2007 the Lord called me to think about fasting with prayer. He called me to write a pamphlet, and as I asked people, and even talked to Bishops about fasting, they said nobody will know what you’re talking about Keith! So I wrote, what I call “a user friendly” pamphlet that I could give out to encourage people to pick up an old way, a neglected discipline that we should just be doing normally in 2007. I want you to bear in mind that, under-girding all this, is I believe, that the Lord is going to bring renewal and revival, but it’s not coming quite as I thought.

In August, at New Wine, the Lord gave me a vivid picture. I saw the Lord standing with a belt round His waist and sword hanging from that belt. He took the sword with His right hand and with His left hand He wiped the blade, and as He wiped the blade, spontaneously the sword became sharp and shining and ready for use.

About a month later I was reading Ezekiel 21 verse 1 and there you will find that whole vision explained. The sword has been drawn and it is a warning of God’s judgement and the judgement is upon us the church. It is upon the Nation, of course, as well, but we’re meant to be the light. I struggled with that and said “Lord, how…I was expecting this wonderful wave of revival to come and now you’re going to tell me we’ve got to face judgement.”

He said “Yes, judgement and renewal will come together. The two will come in a moment of time.” As I was querying this, and arguing this almost, with Lord He said “look at John’s description of my Son in Revelation.”

If you look in Revelation, and John’s description in verses 15 and 16 of our Lord, in verse 15 it says “His voice was like the sound of rushing water” in other words a wave of renewal and out of His mouth, in verse 16, came a sharp double edged sword. So from the same place in our Lord comes both renewal and judgement.

I started praying about this and I went up onto the highest point in my area, a place called Dunkery Beacon, and you can see for miles from the south west and I stood up there and prayed through 360 degrees. I was quite pleased with my prayer that morning until I stopped and the Lord said, “You’ve forgotten one thing”. I said, “Oh no, what’s that?” He said “You’ve forgotten to cry out for mercy.” It seems to me that mercy is a trigger to attract the Lord’s attention.

You know the two blind men didn’t say, ‘Lord heal me’, they said, “Son of David have mercy”, and once they cried for mercy then there was a response. In Habakkuk 3 they did the same thing.

In Habakkuk’s prayer, it says “Lord I’ve heard of your fame, I stand in awe of your deeds, renew them in our day and in our time make them known, and in wrath remember mercy.” So I found myself talking at New Wine in 2009 on Renewal and Judgement, and the Lord said “the Church needs to regain five things. The first thing is we need watchmen. The second is we need to seek holiness. The third is to cry out for mercy. The fourth is to exercise and encourage the prophetic, and the fifth is to raise up warriors to take up the land for God.” And at the end the lion roared!

I can’t explain to you this....... Aslan (the lion) was going round the site my mind, and when we came to the end of the talk people started roaring like lions, and people were painting lions, and all sorts of things.

Then I was drawn to Amos 3 verse 7 & 8, which I’ve already quoted, “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants the Prophets. The lion has roared, who will not fear, the Sovereign Lord has spoken who can but prophecy.”

So there was urgency beginning here for me about proclaiming the Word of God in power, and at the same time I met with my renewal group support team and said that we need to call a Holy Fast. I don’t even know what that means! It’s what Joel calls for, and I don’t know what it looks like, but what I’m talking about is in Joel 2 “blow the Holy trumpet call a Holy Fast”.

I saw my local Bishop and persuaded him to allow me to promote prayer and fasting, and also, that was the year that the Lord showed me that 2011 would be a pivotal year.

Now in 2010 the lion was still roaring. In the City of Bath there are a hundred lions, it’s an art display, everywhere you walk through the City of Bath, which is my nearest city, there are 100 lions. I felt God was just saying “wake up, oh sleeper”.

You know this is the call to the church, Ephesians 5,“wake up, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine upon you”. The battle is at the gate, Isaiah 28 verse 6. So in that year of 2010, last August, this August even! I spoke on raising the dead, the call of the prophet. That is the physically dead, the dead church, dead nations, and so on.

At the end of that you will see in Revelation there’s an Angel straddling the earth and the sea, and he shouts out loudly with the roar of a lion, and in verse 11 of Revelation 10 it says: “you must prophecy again about many peoples, nations, languages and Kings.” In other words, it’s gone from severe warning to a critical warning about prophesying.

In this October, in France, I had taken a week off, and a bit like Ian, I was just half way through the week, and said Lord “if you want to speak to me that would be great.”

I was hoping He might speak to me in my sleep as He often speaks to me in that way, but at six o’clock I woke up and He gave me this heading, ‘Battle for Britain 2011-Call a Holy Fast- Blow the Trumpet’. This was all the download regarding the battle. The battle has moved from ground level to air level. Now this battle is in the heavenly realms and will need heavenly weaponry. It’s a pivotal moment and just like the Battle of Britain, we need spiritual radar stations around the coast, we need watchmen around the coast, we need many new prayer fields rather than airfields. The generation that fought that Battle of Britain is now dying out, it’s time for a new generation to rise up, and so there’s a great focus on young people.

I believe the Lord is going to swoop down, as it were, upon our young people and we need to prepare the way for them. I believe that the enemy spirit over Europe that has led to the 1st and 2nd World War is still perusing this domination over the EU, and these new young warriors will use weapons that the last generation didn’t use or understand. It will be like David coming along and refusing Saul’s armour and saying, ‘no, the Lord has prepared me in His own way’. I think we’ll be amazed by how the Lord has been preparing young people in His own way, and we need to stand back and encourage and release them.

What do we need, we need collective and national fasting; persistent and united prayer wielding the Sword of the Spirit; exercising the supernatural gifts of the Spirit, and public led worship and praise, by that I mean outside of our buildings. We need to get out, and it should be the praise and worship that leads God’s people into dark places. The battle to be fought in groups, this isn’t a one off, this is team work, squadrons with experienced leaders, each member prayerfully protecting the others in the group; and in a way, like Joshua had to take the land, he needed boldness. We need to fight for this revival and renewal I believe, to see it come to pass. Just a few men and women of faith and you can change the history of the nation, just to stand in the gap to be salt to be light. And what was that quote for the Battle of Britain. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

God is just looking for the few righteous people now. It’s a Godly principle.

In Ezekiel, if you remember, it says “I look for a man who will build up the wall and stand before me in the gap and I found no one”. Pray God that He does find people, and this thing about standing, standing, standing.

In Ephesians 6 verse 10, I thought the most common word was to pray, pray is mentioned four times, but standing is mentioned four times. We’ve got to stand! A friend of mine had a picture of dominoes, you know the domino effect they keep talking about it in European countries; they fall down, this domino effect. You just need one person to stand at right angles and it’ll stop it. So we’ve got to stand. Abraham, if you remember, pleaded with God, “If you find just ten righteous people among that whole city........” God is just looking for a few.

So how do we fight for this nation for God? Well, according to Joel we blow the trumpet and we declare a Holy fast which is where I’m so grateful to Ian for calling this meeting. Down in Somerset I don’t have many networks to spread this word so I’m very grateful to him. So, declare a Holy fast, call a sacred assembly, summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the Lord, and cry out to the Lord, and call for a national prayer and fast, and blow the trumpet.

This prayer and fasting is so elemental in the Old Testament. Nehemiah did it when he heard of the situation. Daniel does it; Jehoshaphat does it, Ezra, Esther, even in Nineveh, a Gentile country. You know, Jonah didn’t want to see them saved, but in the end they responded to the Word of God.

I believe we are in times now where God is in that period in summarising what I’m saying, in Isaiah 58 through to 61. Chapter 58 is a call to come back to a true relationship with the Lord, true fasting; Chapter 59 warns us about the reality of the situation we’re in.

Chapter 60 summarised, calls us to repentance and in Chapter 61, we see a season of the Lord’s favour coming, and we have got to respond, back in chapter 58, before we’re going to see what the Lord is going to do and bless us with.

So renewal is coming we have to fight for it, there is a pent up flood coming (Isaiah 59 verse 19). There’s a cleansing wave coming I believe, a Holy wave of purification.

Just before I came here, during the week, the Lord showed me in a dream; He asked me to stand in a place, he’s put me on a little bank, and below where I live is below sea level, so if a big wave is coming I hope I have time to build a boat! There is a wave coming and He says, ‘stand, stand on this small boat’, and I see this wave coming and it’s not the wave I anticipated; it’s not this majestic beautiful white wave; it’s a dirty messy mucky wave. It’s quite low, but it’s quite powerful, and it’s just coming with old tyres, debris in it. I’m standing there and the Lord is saying, ‘you’ve got to stand’. It hits me and blows me off my feet, and I think this is it, and don’t know where I’m going to end up, and I put my feet down and I’m still standing. What I felt the Lord was saying was if a Holy wave, a wave of purity, is coming it cannot abide the filth, the sin and, therefore, it will have to be washed ahead and out in front of it. So we need to be ready for that, and we need to be ascending the Holy Hill. Psalm 24, I think, is a Psalm of the moment. I won’t go into any more detail about that.

Let me just summarise, the Lord has said what a pivotal moment, that means it could go one way or the other. We need to sound the trumpet. It’s a battle for Britain and it will be fought in heavenly realms with spiritual weapons. It’s pivotal because the UK is pivotal. I believe this wave, as it comes and renews and refreshes us, will then wash out again to the ends of the earth. That’s my personal view. The young people are crucial, because God is going to jump several generations, and they will lead people both below them and above them in age back to the Lord. It only takes a few to stand in the gap, just a few righteous people to cry out for mercy, for God to bless a nation, we need to be overcomers. We need to be passionate and fervent about this. Why, in the seven letters in Revelation to the church does it end by saying “those who overcome”? Presumably, because we’ve got to overcome something to reach this blessing. So be overcomers, and we will see the Lord’s Glory in this land, and the church will be renewed I believe, and the country will be revived ready for God’s purposes for the ends of the earth for the word to go out. So pray and fast, cry out for mercy, get as close as you can to the Lord because he’s our refuge and stronghold. Amen.



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