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ISRAEL POEM:   'Fury Rises';    & family film also depicting caring for the Jews


 Fury Rises

by Juliet Dawn

 (October 9th 2010 - Welsh National Day of Repentance)


This cause is not a pass-time, a fantasy or game!

Look and see My Israel! Lost and weak and lame!

You think I'm not impassioned as I see my cherished flail?

The world has filtered vision; seeing all through Islam's veil.


Hatred meets with poison, and poison turns to war,

No ally left for Israel, she's accused on every score.

But you have heard My warnings; My Bride should know the truth,

An' it's time to heed my calling, for Naomi needs her Ruth.


Respond this day with action and passion in your heart.

You're meant to bear My purposes, be bold and set apart!

But Church has carried apathy and edited My Word,

So caught up in religion, that My voice has not been heard!


Yet you are those My people who have caught My Spirit's cry.

I'm aching for my chosen, as their enemies will try

To crush them and destroy them and make the world believe,

That somehow they're deserving of the onslaught they received!


This is VILE injustice and it make My anger rise!

And you who are the gentiles, should not absorb these lies!

My ancient words are standing and will not be overthrown,

That Zion is My Glory and her people are My own!


So hear, My children! Listen! For time grows ever near,

When enemies of Israel will be crippled by their fear,

For I WILL unleash my fury and exercise My Might,

As all that stands against her, will be judged and then be smite!


Do not be left uncertain of the things that are to come.

My rule will be established from My throne, Jerusalem!

And powers, lands and nations, that stand to thwart this plan,

Will taste the wrath of heaven, as My armies meet with man!


Yahweh stands with Israel; believe that it is so!

The hands that strangle Israel are also Heaven's foe.

Yes, Scripture bears My promises; they're there for all to find,

The years have not erased them... just the Church is largely blind!


Align yourself with Israel, for she needs your watchful prayer.

The treat of mass destruction lingers daily in the air!

I'm making clear My purpose, so you won't mis-hear My will...

She is evermore My Chosen and her torment grieves Me still!


Escalate your mission! Escalate your prayer!

Escalate your purpose! Demonstrate you care!

The bombs may breach the boundaries, but so do all your cries,

And they're merging over Zion, as My judgement fills the skies!



 Below is a video which demonstrates how to care for Jewish people: 'Daniel Deronda'







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