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You were not made to be on your own, trying to cope. You were designed to function in partnership with the LIVING GOD who made heaven and earth! Though He is the senior partner in the relationship, it IS a true and real relationship. Marriage partners or other relationships just don't hack it! The Lord is a life partner, incredibly able to meet your needs and keep you well, provided for and protected. He alone gives you the purpose you were designed to fulfil. The root of depression, illness, lack, is your lack of God in your life.

 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life'.       (John 3v16...the most well known verse in the Bible.)

Everlasting or eternal life is a state of being, in relationship with your Maker. As you embrace this, through the life of Jesus sharing in your life, you are 'born again' into life with God, from which you were blocked by your own rejection of God and rebellion against Him - whether you know it or not. This rebellion or desire for  independence of spirit, apart from God is called 'sin'.

Jesus came from God - we celebrate this at Christmas - and He lived amongst us: Immanuel'....('God with us'). Not only did His life demonstrate the love and power of God in a human being, but He resisted every desire to rebel or reject His Father in heaven...we call . He did not sin.

But He did suffer and die a cruel death as an innocent man, a perfect man in His Father's sight. He died in your place and mine, in the place of every human being who has ever lived. He died and suffered God's judgment against sin - death - so that you can LIVE!  Live in this life, and go through death into eternal life with all those who have accepted God's way of putting us right with Himself. 

This is called the Divine Exchange. God exchanged the life of His Son for your life. God loves you so much that He gave His most precious gift - the life of His Son - in exchange for your life. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. His blood was shed...His life willingly given...for YOU. As Jesus died, hanging on the cross, He shouted, 'It is finished!'  By that He meant that his work was over, and a way to relationship with God had been opened for everyone.

 God the Father verified this by raising Jesus to life again from the dead - the only time this has ever happened. It was not resuscitation or a short time life stop on an operating table, but the restoring of life from the dead of a man who had been dead and buried for three days! As a result, many people believed in Jesus and followed Him....the beginnings of the world-wide Church. Jesus then ascended to heaven...a man in heaven who knows what it is like to be human, with all the problems we go through!   

Think of an egg timer. At the death of Jesus, all time focussed on this amazing event...the divine Exchange of the life of God the Son, for all of mankind. All who ever lived before this moment in time knew about a 'Saviour', the Messiah, One to whom they could look for Life. All who have lived ever since the cross have known of this One also, whether though the Church or through direct revelation of this truth....often heard about in remote tribes and languages. 

The resurrected life of Jesus is available to YOU. The deal is that you accept His life in your life. That you accept that He is the 'senior partner' and will guide you through life. That you spend time with Him and in the company of His people - the Church. And that you read His book - the Bible, written by over 40 authors each directly inspired by God to write their contribution. It is a book of books, made up of 66 smaller sections or books. It is the world's best seller (and always has been). 

  DO YOU WANT THIS LIFE?  A life of meaning and purpose, power and fulfilment. Do you want to be put right with God - not against Him but with Him and for Him? If you do, then you can make a beginning, the first step, by talking to God RIGHT NOW in the privacy of your own thoughts or room. Read the following through, and if you feel you can speak this to God, then do so now:


Lord God, I admit that I have not wanted You to rule my life. I have wanted to be my own boss. I have sinned against You in thought, word and deed. I know I need saving from the consequences of this rebellion and independence of spirit from my Creator. I know that I will die without God if I reject You now, and I don't want that.

Jesus, come into my life and forgive my sin. Make me right with God and ready to fulfil His purpose. Fill me with your Holy Spirit to enable and empower me to live for You and for others, to make a difference in this world.      Thank you, Lord.    Amen.        


Now, if you have talked to God in this way and truly meant it, then He has begun the process in your life of granting you eternal life. You now need to find a bible-believing church near you and join with other like minded people, who truly believe in Jesus. Buy a bible and start reading the New Testament. Talk to God about your day each day, and ask for His guidance. He will begin to communicate with you in all sorts of ways which you have never before been able to pick up!

Your circumstances will begin to change as to share your needs with Jesus. He is God - the Son, and can change your circumstances according to His best purposes for you. It is safe in the arms of Jesus, however young or old you are!






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