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'Do not despise prophecy: Test everything; hold on to the good.' 

(The Bible 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 20-21)



Above is a prophetic  analysis of the state of the nation.    Worth a look.




1. A prophecy I received whilst speaking at a national conference back in 1999 and very relevant to the financial crisis, and looking towards the future.

2. A September 2009 prophecy given to me at night, to the national church in GB. 

3. A prophetic real-time vision revealed to me in 1986 about the development of the  Church...still relevant and coming forth.  



  4. A report on a 'State of the Nation' group day of repentance & prayer to which I was invited in February 2009. Also a contemporary prophecy given at the conference by a leading prophetic figure in the Church in Britain, and a friend of mine. (email me for further details of speaker.)     Also a second and complementary prophecy to the above given through another speaker, also well known in the GB church and a friend of mine. (email me for further details of speaker.)

5. In 2005, a powerful prophetic picture given to me about Islam and also about the End Time 'Babylon', a world antichrist system as revealed in the book of Revelation (the Bible).         Also a prophecy given through a friend of mine about Islam. (email me for further details of speaker)

6. A famous key prophecy given nationally in 1967: A Vision for Revival (email me for further details of speaker)

7. A prayer and prophecy given through my wife this year.  




It was spoken in the context of a gathering of national intercessors and evangelists. David had recently returned from a week of seeking God for the nation and for any word from the Lord, together with 130 other church leaders, workers and intercessors. This was amid thorough study and proclamation of the Scriptures. The 'word' was later printed out and passed round to several groups for consideration. As a result, it was felt it ought to be shared with a wider group of leaders. Before reading the prophecy, it might be as well to remind yourself of the following verses from the Bible:

 'A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.' (Prov.22v3). 'Awake, awake, O Zion, clothe yourself with strength.' (Is. 52v1)

Also consider: Isaiah 60 v1-3; Jeremiah 18 v1-12; Isaiah 21v11-17, and Ezek.33v1-3; Joel 2v1; Is. 44v26.

Note Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord, do all these things.”Note: Amos 3:6-8 When a trumpet sounds in a city, do not the people tremble? When disaster comes to a city, has not the Lord caused it? Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. The lion has roared--who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken--who can but prophesy?

 Long have I watched and grieved as your nations have exploited the poor and needy nations in your greed. Long have I seen your arrogance in creating your own gods, gods of mammon, self-indulgence and greed. I have grieved deeply over your destruction of the little ones, those defenceless ones in the womb, and am angry at the way you now attempt to play 'god' in creating those in human likeness. For too long the peoples have shaken their fists at Me and defied My wrath. A great darkness is coming upon Britain and the Western nations. A darkness which I have authored. Have you not observed the shaking I have made in the Eastern nations - the bringing down of kingdoms with a puff of My breath? Are you not aware of My judgments upon the immorality of the African nations? Do you not see the approaching storm? Have you not observed My word being fulfilled that in the last days all nations shall surround Jerusalem and my beloved people Israel? Do you not perceive the days in which you live - days of great turmoil and days of preparation? These are the birthpangs of My Son's return.

The time has come to judge the systems of the West. You shall observe My wrath against the rebellious and the greedy. I am against these nations that have turned from Me. I am against their finances and their monetary systems. I will now arise and judge these false securities. I will bring them DOWN TO THE DUST. Your economy will be shaken and you will cry out, but those who turn to Me shall not be forsaken. I will provide manna in the wilderness, and indeed, after a season, will prosper those who rely on Me.

A great spiritual darkness shall arise against you, My people, from within your land, and there will be persecution. But know this, amid the troubles My Spirit shall arise. A great light shall dawn in the darkness. My beloved Church shall be tested and refined, and shall be a true light in the darkness. Once again there shall be a clear distinction between the people of God and the people of the world. Those who are true to Me shall be strong and do mighty exploits. They shall 'rise up with wings as of eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint.'

And to you My people, who venture out in faith, seeking to serve me as a witness to the people of your land, shall be granted My peace and favour. You shall even this year prepare the way. Your words will go forth as a sharp sword dividing between soul and spirit. You shall be a banner, you shall be My forerunner, My prophetic people. Though the work will be hard and much barrenness exposed, you shall be ploughing up the ground ready for My spirit to awaken the people. Though I will grant you a measure of success, the greater work will be of preparation. My Spirit shall accompany you and arise within and amid you. Learn how to follow after My Spirit even as you prepare for the work of mission. Learn to rely on Me, to depend on Me, to trust in Me. Then you will find satisfaction in your labour in the Gospel. You will see the captives set free and you will know that I have spoken through you.

Be encouraged, My people, for though the task is great, the rewards shall be many. In days to come, you will witness a turning to Me such as you have never known. But this is yet to come. Meanwhile, press on with the work of mission, for in all you have done and all you seek to do, I know that you desire to honour Me.







 NB. The context of the key bible verse in the prophecy below is found in the passage:‘The LORD Appears to Solomon’

 11 When Solomon had finished the temple of the Lord and the royal palace, and had succeeded in carrying out all he had in mind to do in the temple of the Lord and in his own palace, 12 the Lord appeared to him at night and said: "I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices. 13 "When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. 16 I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there. 17 "As for you, if you walk before me as David your father did, and do all I command, and observe my decrees and laws, 18 I will establish your royal throne, as I covenanted with David your father when I said, 'You shall never fail to have a man to rule over Israel.' 19 "But if you turn away and forsake the decrees and commands I have given you and go off to serve other gods and worship them, 20 then I will uproot Israel from my land, which I have given them, and will reject this temple which I have consecrated for my Name. I will make it a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples. 21 And though this temple is now so imposing, all who pass by will be appalled and say, 'Why has the Lord done such a thing to this land and to this temple?' 22 People will answer, 'Because they have forsaken the Lord, the God of their fathers, who brought them out of Egypt, and have embraced other gods, worshipping and serving them—that is why he brought all this disaster on them.' "       2 Chronicles 7:11-22 (ANIV Bible) 


This is a new day for My Church, beloved. A fresh opportunity for you, My people, representing Britain before the throne. I am revisiting My Church with the same word I gave you many years ago. A new generation has arisen to be included in this call.

I have promised you that,   “.....If my people, who are called by my name, will HUMBLE themselves and PRAY and SEEK MY FACE and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.....”   2 Chron 7:14 (ANIV)

I give you a new opportunity, Church, to fulfill  this call. A HUMBLE people, aware of their own lack of ability to bring lasting change to their society without Me. Aware of their utter need to PRAY in depth and strength together, representing each community as a united body of regular and committed prayer. A people who know how to go deeper with their God – to give time to SEEKING ME, listening for My voice, My leading, My instruction, in order to see My anointing flow. A people who know more of the beat of My heart for your nation, My passion for lost souls, My concern for a broken people.

 I am calling you, My Church in Britain again to fulfill the conditions of this promise in order to revisit your nation. Yes, it is in your hands to respond, and to choose this day whom you will serve – choosing Me, your Lord and God, full of compassion for a nation in trouble, longing to reach out and restore though you.

Yes, it is you, My people, My Church, who hold the key to this nation. I give you the commission, the responsibility, the call afresh to unlock this nation and its people to the things of God, from which so many have been sealed by the enemy – the evil one. The foremost key for you is to TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS, to hunger for Me anew, and to forsake the evil that so dominates you. I call you to surrender your love for those areas of sin which keep you in bondage. I call you to choose to forsake the sin that so easily trips you and causes you to stumble, and spoils our relationship together.

 It is a new day, a new opportunity. Those who heed Me, especially in the area of personal sin, who choose to TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, will find new strength and enabling to sacrifice these pleasures, and a new release into the freedom of the sons of God. I love you deeply and long for your freedom - which is already yours in Christ – to be manifest and effective in your lives. Yet do not strive in your own strength for you will fail. Believe Me for My strength, for I live in you and will grant you a release of power to truly make a stand against the sin which so easily entangles you and trips you up. I am for you, not against you, yet you must make your stand.

Now is the time to humble yourselves to submit to My word, to pray corporately across your community with other brethren from churches other than your own. Now is the time for leaders to seek Me together in the area, representing their people and their community. My ears will be open and attentive to such prayer. I have promised in My word to pour out the anointing when My people gather before Me in unity of heart and purpose…..

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! 2 It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron's beard, down upon the collar of his robes. 3 It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life for evermore.”     Psalms 133:1-3 (ANIV)

It is up to the leaders to show the way, as you pray together, as you seek My face together, as in the early church, and in times of My moves in your nation.

 I desire to bless My church in Britain. I desire to rescue a nation in turmoil, and a once-great people in Me. I desire to visit your nation again, in power. I call you, beloved, My church in Britain, to fast and pray, to obey My prompting, to risk your own reputations, your own ministries, even your own callings. Only as you lay these on the altar of sacrifice and obedience will I move among you. There is no other way. This is another chance for you. Who knows but that you have been called and chosen for this very hour?

 And you My child, you who feel inadequate and unable, young and inexperienced, or older and fallen in sin, I hold out My hand and My heart to you, for I can use you. There is a place for you in the scheme of things. There is a hope for you in My plans and purposes. You are special to Me, and I will help you, will inspire and lead you, will encourage and strengthen you. All things are possible with God!  

This nation of peoples is now in the last stages of descent into disintegration and chaos. The only bulwark against this is My church. The only means of saving this nation from being engulfed in a tide of evil and decay, false religion and folly, is through a church unified in the call and response to intercede before Me on behalf of Britain. This is the time. Who will arise? Who is willing on the day of battle? Who is willing to give their lives to the task, even surrender their life for the cause? – for some will indeed lay down their lives for the good of the nation.  

 "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. 24 I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. 25 The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. 26 Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honour the one who serves me.”

John 12:23-26 (ANIV)






 3. A REAL-TIME PROPHETIC VISION OF THE CHURCH TO COME. (Revealed to me in 1986, and printed in 'Revival' magazine under the title: 'Demolition Job so God can rebuild'. 

It is still relevant and still being fulfilled in our day.

"Go closer, son - have a good look," the  Holy Spirit seemed to prompt. So, over the road I went, to look at the wall. The wall: high - over six feet, thick, strong, built to last. However, this wall, built around the Royal Holloway College, Egham, was obviously not impregnable, for workmen were busily hacking at it with pickaxes and other tools. It was being demolished layer by layer. As I watched this being done, so understanding began to filter into my mind.

Think of the wall as a picture of the Church in Britain. Seeing the wall being demolished reminded me of the warning of Jesus in Matthew 12v25, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Maybe this is a picture of the fulfilment of that warning for our contemporary Church. The internal stresses experienced with the Church in recent months - crises of unbelief, leadership and apathy being some of the many - are causing traditional structures and systems to begin to disintegrate. God promised to shake the nations (Haggai 2v6-9) and, indeed, the Early Church was reminded of a shaking of the earth and heavens (Heb.12v26-28). The shaking process was in order that the Kingdom of God should be separated from the created things (vs27-28). The Early Church would have seen the fulfilment of Haggai’s prophecy in the life of Jesus, in the sense that “The desired of all nations “ which the commentaries tell us refers to the treasures of all nations, were indeed brought to the restored temple, and that Jesus’ presence at the temple fulfilled God’s promise to “fill this house with My glory” (Hag.2v7).

Yet surely as the Church, beginning to receive the inheritance of the Kingdom, reflected on this prophecy, the Messianic overtones would not be missed. They knew the promise that one day Jesus would return , that His coming would be desired by His people in all nations. They knew He would fill His spiritual temple (the Church) with the glory of God, as He gathered her and prepared her to be the fitting bride for Christ at the wedding supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19v7-8).

I believe that this final shaking process has begun, profoundly affecting the Church world-wide (judgment, as 1 Peter 4v17 says, begins at the house of God). Then the true church should arise from the nations, freeing herself from the dross, ready for the coming of Jesus. If these processes are developing in our time in preparation for the return of Christ, then the visual aid of the wall being demolished takes on a another facet. The verses of Isaiah 5v1-7 begin to be important for the Church. The protective hedge around the Lord’s vineyard - around the Lord’s people - is removed. The fruit of the vineyard is exposed and the rain withheld. I believe God is removing that protective hedge and wall from around the Church - the wall that she herself has built.

As I stood surveying the scene of devastation surrounding the wall, my gaze fell upon a workman further along, where the wall had already been razed to the ground. He was separating the surviving undamaged bricks from the bits of cement and broken brick. He threw the complete bricks over his back, to make a pile behind, a few of them breaking upon landing. Beyond him, and others who were similarly occupied, there were the marks of a bulldozer scoop where the wall base had been, evidently used to collect and remove the loose bits and broken brick. This scene spoke to me of the painful process of exposure, the demolishing of barriers within the Church, and the separation and removal of wrong practices, beliefs, traditions and attitudes from the body of Christ. There would be casualties who would not be able to stand the shaking process, and there would be the separation of those who were not true believers from the true Church of Christ. For God’s people it means suffering in that purification process a challenge for lives truly to be given over to our Father, and brokenness through the necessary discipline of the Father’s hand in our lives.

Had the scene before me ended there, we might have been left somewhat discouraged Happily it did not. Further on, the surviving complete bricks had been gathered together and stacked, loosely but securely into thick towers ready for re-use. I saw in the loose stacks the bonding of the Holy Spirit, the gathering of communities of Christians in flexible groups, perhaps marking the end of the denominational hold and label over Christians , to be replaced simply by ‘The Church’ in a certain town , working together through the Spirit, recognising each other fully, and moving towards the fulfilment of Jesus’ promise that Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth (John 16v13; 14v26). It would also be a big step towards the fulfilment of our Lord’s prayer that we may be one (John 17v20-23).

The re-emergence of the ministries of apostles, prophets, evangelists , pastors and teachers designed to build up the body of Christ to maturity and unity in the faith ((Eph 4v11-13) is another sign of this. We are living stones being built up into a spiritual house (1 Peter 2v5), a holy temple of God (Eph 2v19-22). When we consider the Lord’s Prayer, given specifically for us to pray, then the words, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” will surely lead us to realise that God intends to answer that request. It is not yet fulfilled. The picture presented in Ezekiel chapter 37 of dry bones being gathered, given flesh and the breath of life best sums up the process of awakening and resurgence of the Church, and the recognition of being one people in God. May this oneness become an observable reality in our time!






Day of Prayer and Repentance, Westminster. Saturday 28th Feb.09


This day was called by a team of senior church leaders from across the nation. It was a powerful day, and two significant prophecies were declared, which I believe are for the whole body of Christ.


I have been associated with these two brothers for 25 years, and I was able to attend the event. Following extensive worship, the very first declaration from the preparation meeting a week earlier touched me strongly. In it, God declared that He was still the God of our nation. This simple word suddenly broke something in me and I found myself lying on my face in the aisle at the front, weeping deeply for the nation, and thanking God that He had not turned His back on us as a nation. After a few minutes, the ’burden’ for the nation lifted, and we were all reminded from the front of the fact that God is shaking the nations (Isaiah 2v12-19, Haggai 2, Hebrews 12).

One person shared how he saw the church becoming like Ruth (‘friendship‘) towards God, or like Orpah…who went back into paganism, as God allows a plumb line amid His Church to test her. God wants His church to be biblically correct rather than politically correct, and to know His ways rather than just His deeds (Psalm 95v10, Ps 103v7). The whole question of the shedding of innocent blood in our land was considered, (2 Kings 21 esp. v 16), recognising that God wanted a repeal of the Abortion Act rather than piecemeal efforts within it. He would only support such an all out plan.

Acts 4 showed a people of boldness rather than compromise, a church which feared God and knew how to deny self and walk in purity. God desires the same now, those who would honour Him, be intimate with Him, and through whom He would work.   We spent time in prayer in small groups, and in responding to various verses screened for us relating to Great Britain. Later, a series of facts and figures about the state of the nation were screened. They made devastating reading. Many wept and prayed. There was no break to the gathering, and by the afternoon, God was ready to speak to us prophetically through two brothers.



I’m shaking the nation to its foundation but I’ll sustain you to see a time of awakening. You’ll go through a time of intense opposition to the Gospel as anti-Semitism, humanism and Islamists combine to destroy the work of God, but I’ll shorten the days and sustain My people for the sake of My name.


Three winds will blow through in the near future.


The first will be the most ferocious, and will blow through the Church. Brother will be against brother. The cause of the offence will be Israel, which will be a rod of offence and a stumbling block upon which many will fall. Only those who hold fast to My purposes will stand. This division will weaken the witness of the faithful , but those who put their trust in the Lord will be overcomers and see the Lord’s glory.


The second wind will sweep through the political, economic and social structures of the land. Many who fear the Lord will come into high office and exercise godly influence and bring respite to those who trust in the Lord.


The third wind will sweep through the nation to reach those outside the church, and the Holy Spirit will reach the broken, those crushed by sin, and young people, part of the generation who have never been fathered.There will be a great move of the Spirit of God that will bring new life and draw many into the Kingdom of God, and bring a new unity and love among believers.


And there is a special ministry for those who originate from Africa, who once suffered at the hands of Europeans, and who will lead the way to revival in this land. Those whom Europeans regarded as coming from darkest Africa will in fact bring the light of life to this land!  So take new heart for the Lord is with you, your God and Father. You will see the glory of the Lord in your time.”





THE SECOND AND COMPLEMENTARY KEY WORD OF PROPHECY THROUGH DN:             (This is the transcript copied from our mobile phone recording of the prophecy, though some is faint. These faint words are italicised or dotted.)



(I am your Father, and you are My children. I wish to share My heart with you.)  Hear My Cry. Hear those things which I have implanted on your……. Understand brothers that I am not playing games with you, and that the hour is indeed every bit as late as I have said.


Beloved, I can no longer do anything with a luke-warm church. I call to each one of you who is committed to Me. I call you to seek to be converts, and to become disciples. I call you to a depth of discipleship which you have not known before, because I am calling you, many of you for the first time in your lives, to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I’m calling you to put (this before) all else. I am calling you to immerse yourselves in My word. I am calling you to become once again a people of prayer. I’m calling you to put (aside…..) other interests in your lives. And surely as you do this, I will attend to (your other interests?) because I am faithful.


If you remain luke-warm, I can do nothing with you, and you will wander away into the lost-ness of apostasy. But beloved, make it your purpose to truly become my disciples. There will be a great cost to follow Me where I lead you, that will bring eternal reward and a harvest of salvation in your own nation in this age.

Hear My cry, because this is a cry of the Father who wants His children back at the beloved .……… of the church. If I once get my children back from within the church……then I will use you to bring a harvest of salvation in a nation which is going deeper into the darkness of despair.


But first to yourselves. Turn wholeheartedly to Me. Turn to Me as you have never turned before, and give Me what I’m asking for. I am asking for a total obedience to a Father who loves you with total ……….. and has proved it by giving His son to die for you. Beloved, I want ……… I want those who will learn from Me day by day, and are prepared to take the salt of My word into the corruption of the world, and the light of My character into the darkness of fallen mankind around you.

You say to yourself, this will not be popular. Beloved, when it is the truth, it never has been popular, and it never will. But salvation comes at a cost, and I am asking you to pay the same cost that I have made, to be willing if necessary to lay down your lives for the salvation of others. If you will respond, there is much that I can do, far beyond your understanding. If you would not, then beloved, I will look to others. I will go outside those who seem to be committed to Me, and I will find others and I will bring them in your place. But that is not my will (for you). Hear My heart of love as I call to you, and respond to Me in wholeheartedness, for this is an hour which (calls as nothing else.) 


Following this, and further worship, and through various contributions, we were encouraged to ‘enlarge the place of your tent’, hold on to this season of prayer for the nation, continuing in prayer, and to listen to God in order to speak for God, that His voice be heard in the nation. We were to rend our hearts before God on behalf of the nation. There is always the context of 2 Chronicles 7v14 to be fulfilled for the healing of our land: ‘….if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.’ 


This was God’s promise to Israel, and God is using Israel as a plumb line to the church and the nations, to test their attitude toward Israel. However, the church is also God’s people, a people set aside for God, finding its origin in the Jews of Israel and then expanding into the Gentile nations - ’one new man in Christ’ - (Ephesians) 


We were encouraged to believe for God to strengthen us in our weakness, to let justice and righteousness flow like a river into the nation through the church.

God wanted to display the splendour of a godly rule to the nations, and we were to prophesy to the bones, as did Ezekiel. We were to declare, ‘I am against you, O Gog’, and fight the battle in the heavenly realms. We were God’s Gideon’s.

‘Your mission is possible!’


In closing, the original Lenten season of fasting and prayer called for this time in our nation was extended to Pentecost Sunday. I hope you and your church will be encouraged by this report and the prophecies included in it. May you examine these and weigh them, and seek God as to your response.      






Senior prophetic leaders gathered at Ashburnham in 2005 to seek the Lord over a few days regarding the emergence of Islam in Britain. What is God saying through this?  

A. Physical cloud picture shown to me, DH:

Amid our time of seeking God, and during an early morning walk, at 07.17 on the Tuesday, the sun was well down below the horizon, preparing to advance and so declare another day dawning. The sky on one side, spread out above me was beginning to lighten. But, on the other side, there was a very interesting phenomena etched on the sky…and on my memory.

Firstly, a hell-fire scenario of boiling dark clouds interspersed with glaring strands of red and purple, wisps of white, and volcanoes of angry red, yet none of it actually moving, simply there, impressed on the sky. Behind this was another bank of cloud down to the horizon. Purple black, straight, uniform, stifling. The whole of that side of the sky appeared to be absolutely still, the rays of the sun still below the opposite horizon obviously having an effect to bring this scenario to life. The curious thing is that there was no sound, just the blanketing effect of these clouds, and such stillness.

 I watched for a while, and noticed that in fact the whole was on the move, but so imperceptibly that you needed to watch for some time to ascertain that movement, which was across the sky and slightly on the retreat. At 07.22, just as I had met a friend and drawn this to his attention, the whole effect dissipated in moments, leaving the uniform bank of clouds predominating and the colours draining.

 As I asked the Lord what He was saying, for there was a clear impression of Him communicating, and He gradually made clear to me that the coloured and ugly clouds represented Islam, wild, warlike and fearful. But behind this was the real menace, the uniform and oppressive blanket of clouds. It was as though the first clouds were only a cover to the real activity of the second bank of clouds. There is the key, for as I understand it, Islam will be broken through Gods activity in His Church and particularly Israel, meanwhile a greater anti-Christ spirit will predominate at the end of the is even now emerging. The bible book of Revelation calls it ’Babylon’.

 Yet, the sun was rising..Hallelujah! This spoke to me, reminding me that Jesus shall rise over all other names and creeds, religions, world systems, whatever. He will return to earth to rule and to reign.


 B. Prophetic word through DN

One significant prophetic word which the group felt should be released was the following, and which we believe is from the Lord.

Beloved, be strong and of good courage. Do not be dismayed at what you see happening around you, for all that is happening is a fulfilment of my word. I have foreseen all that is happening now, and all that will come to pass. Beloved, be attentive to my words for it is my desire that you have understanding, so that you may know what to expect and so that you may know how you should respond. For there is a satanic conspiracy in the world.

 Those whose objectives are a new world order are cynically using the hatred of Islam to bring about their purposes. Islam is being manipulated; for those who would establish a new world order know that in order to do thatthey must eliminate those nations that stand against them. They must bring those nations to nothing and break their power totally. Therefore in their cunning and craftiness, they know how to manipulate the hatred of Islam in the hope that Islam will destroy Israel, and Islam will destroy Britain and Islam will destroy the United States. This is their purpose, but it is not the purpose of Islam, it is driven by a higher authority. It is driven by the satanic power behind those who would establish a new world order and their hope is that Islam will neutralise the opposition in order that they may establish that which they desire.

 Islam is being used to make way for Babylon. But stand firm. There will be intense opposition There will be much upheaval and shaking. The nation of Israel is apostate. The nation of Britain is apostate. The nation of America is apostate. But in My love and mercy I intend to turn that apostasy. So do not be dismayed when acts of judgment come, for those will be orchestrated by me. I, the Lord, will use acts of judgment to turn your nations from apostasy and I will raise up a body of my people who truly know me and who will stand firm and glorify me.

If you stand with me in the warfare to which you are called, I will stand with you and you shall prevail. The battle will be fierce but you will see the tide turn in these nations, for all that is written must come to pass, but I will not hand these nations over to Islam fierce though the battle is.

 Stand firm therefore, for the immediate threat is from Islam and I call you to stand with me against the ruling principality. And I call you also to have open eyes so that you may understand the conspiracy that is coming to pass, for truly the peoples plot a vain thing. I will prevail, so do not fear for I the Lord am on my throne and I will not be shaken. Although much you have long known will be overthrown, although much that you hold dear you will see shattered into ruins, yet you will see your God prevail and you will live to rejoice and glorify him.

 Therefore be strong and of good courage, for the battle lines are drawn and the battle will be fierce and opposition will be great, but I will not allow one thing more than I have purposed to happen and I will not give your nations into the hands of Islam. I will make a fortress in your nations to glorify my name and to declare the gospel.





Taken from: Revival: With The Vision Of JD

The Vision

During those weeks a vision came to me. It appeared three different times, during prayer, and it was the same vision each time. Now most of my revelation from the Lord is what I just 'know': He makes me know something, and I speak it forth. But now and then I have a vision, and when I do I have a pretty good one! Some people have a very garden-variety type of visions: they're getting them all the time, you know. But I just have them now and then. And it's usually a milestone: a turning point or very large directive in my life.

And what I saw was the British Isles, as in a bird's eye view. A kind of haze was over the whole, like a green fog. And then little pinpricks of light began to appear from the top of Scotland to Land's End. Then the Lord seemed to draw me closer to these lights, and I saw that they were fires that were burning. They were multiplying from the top of Scotland to Land's End. Then I saw lightening come and strike those fires, the brightest spots particularly, and there was a kind of explosion, and rivers of fire flowed down. Again, the sense of direction was from the top of Scotland to Land's End. But some of those rivers of fire didn't stop there. They went right across the Channel and didn't stop there. They went right across the Channel and spread out into the Continent.

The third time this vision appeared I figured the Lord was showing me or trying to tell me something. I was in Dorset by this time, at St Mary's (Church of England) with Rev Ken Prior, and I asked him if I could stay an extra day. You know, there's nothing quite so awkward as an evangelist the day after the meetings are over. But I said, 'Could I stay an extra day in the vicarage and pray? I need to find out what the Lord is trying to say to me.' Because up to that point I was really still on my way to Hong Kong. And the Lord spoke to me very clearly. It was a wonderful day. It certainly changed the path of my life.

When I say the Lord spoke to me, I don't mean that it was an audible voice. But it was a knowing. That strong knowing, like reading at the end of a book and knowing exactly what was going to happen. And you can't change it: it is written. And so it was written upon my heart, the meaning of this vision.

Phase One: The Glowing Fires

The Lord impressed it on my Heart that those fires I saw were groups of people whom He would make intensely hungry for New Testament Christianity. They would start reading their Bibles and saying, for instance, as they read the book of Acts, 'Well, where is this happy church? Where are these people so full of the power of the Holy Spirit? Where are these miracles? Where is this growth, this vitality, this courage, this boldness that these people had? Is that for today – can we have it today? Should the church be this way?'

And as these questions were being planted in their hearts, the Lord Jesus said He would make them very hungry for the Holy Spirit; He would fill them with the Holy Spirit, and out of those gifts would flow ministries that would enrich the Body of Christ. The whole concept of the Body of Christ would come alive, and barriers between denominations and different types of Christians would break down as people met each other. The Lord said He would move these people all over the country. After he had taught them gifts, he would move them to another place where they would carry that fire, and where they would meet others also who were being renewed by the Holy Spirit. He would put them in different situations from what they were used to, so that they would get to know people of other denominations, other cultures and other classes, and be able to communicate to them the blessings that the Lord had given them. And then He told me that during that time He would also test them. There would be great testing of faith, great waiting times. He would teach them spiritual warfare. He would show them the meaning of the power of the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Phase Two: The Coming of the Lightning

Then I asked the Lord, 'What does the lightning stand for?' And he said, 'Unlike the first part, in which I will be speaking to Christians and preparing My church and renewing it and reviving the saints, the lightning represents a second part of the vision, in which I will bring a spiritual awakening to the nation that will be a witness to the unsaved, to the un-churched, to the non-Christian.

Through these believers I will bring a witness to this land. They will be an army of witnesses. And I will begin to release their ministries so that when they give their testimonies there will be apostolic signs following and accompanying their testimonies. Where ears have been deaf and hearts have been hard and eyes have been blind, I will touch the people of this land and they will begin to hear the testimony of My people, they will begin to see the manifestations of My power, and their hearts will begin to believe. Thousands and thousands of people are going to come into my kingdom through this army of witnesses, through this people movement – not characterized by any particular evangelist or great organisation at the front, but just My people rising up, led by My spirit and beginning to move forward with a new faith for evangelism, a new zeal to share Jesus with others. And as they give their testimonies, I will release their ministries of healing and miracles, and there will be signs and wonders accompanying their ministries. So many people will be saved, in the villages as well as in the cities, in the schools, in the government, in media, in industry. It will affect the destiny of this nation; it will determine the course of the times.

Phase Three: Streams across the Channel

Then I said, 'Lord, what about these streams that go on across the Channel into Europe?' And He said, 'That represents people who will rise up in the midst of this people movement, this army of witnesses in Britain, whom I will make My communicators.' Now I hadn't used that word very much before in ministry I said, 'Lord, what do you mean by communicators?' And he said, 'They will not only be people endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with strong faith, but they will also be people talented in the arts. They will be writers, musicians, singers and actors, and also technicians in television, radio and the mass media. I will call and send them and put them in strategic places. I will bless their natural talents with my Spirit, and they will be good: they will excel. They will be leaders in their fields. I will send them into Europe, where they will meet other people in the media, and through them I will release the word of God very fast in Europe. The result will be another wave of a spiritual awakening, with thousands coming to Christ throughout Europe.' Well, I got kind of excited after I'd heard all that from the Lord, and I said, 'Lord, why are you telling me this? I'm on my way to Hong Kong.' And He said, 'Oh, no you're not: you're going to stay right here, and I'm going to bring Elmer here.' And I said, ' What do you want us to do, Lord?' And He said, 'I want you to nourish the fires that I light.' So I'm not the firelighter. The Lord is the Firelighter.

A Time of Waiting

My husband was in Hong Kong another year before he got here. But when he came, several pastors asked him if he would start a school for leadership training for people who had been filled with the Spirit and had gift ministries. He said, 'Well, I'll set it up for a year, and then we'll go back to the United States.' We forgot that we didn't have anything to go back to – you know, we'd sold the house and given away everything. I had given the money to the poorest people I could find – young preachers just starting out in the ministry. So there was nothing to go back to. But we still had that mind-set. It took a little while for the Lord to make us realize that He had other plans.

That was twenty-one years ago. And during those twenty-one years I have ministered all over this country, as Pastor Black has mentioned. But I have never gone away up to the north of Scotland. Many times I've said to my husband, I'd just love to go up there and find the fires that God has been lighting.' And he has said, 'Well, why don't you go on? I don't mind, if you want to get ahead of the vision.' You know, it's very easy, when you get a revelation from God, to think you've got to go out and make it happen. That's very unwise – it doesn't bother God much but it sure can be embarrassing for you. You can fall flat on your face. I've tried that a couple of times, and I think I've learned my lesson on it. So I said, 'No, I don't want to do anything like that. I want to go when the Lord really calls me to go, if He needs me.'

A Brush with Death

Last August our college sponsored a conference with a wonderful man of God named Judson Cornwall. Just before he came, I collapsed in a church service with a near-fatal coronary. Graham Kendrick was standing beside me; I was so glad he was there because he prayed for me right away and I was wonderfully touched: instantly the pain subsided. It took me a little while, though, before I got home. I thought I had a bad case of indigestion! But the Lord did heal me, and I was able to attend the conference.

And a Revelation from Heaven

And one day, between lunch and the afternoon session, I said to our team, 'Let's just pray before we go upstairs.'

I was thinking about very matter-of-fact things like how long should the worship go on, and where would we take the offering and so on. I certainly wasn't thinking about the visions and lights and fires. And suddenly the Spirit of God came upon me. I don't know if you've ever had anything like that where God's power and presence comes on you so mightily that suddenly everything else is forgotten. It wasn't that I couldn't have stopped; but I didn't want to. I began to weep and weep, and strong crying came upon my heart, real, deep sobs. I knew that the Spirit of God had brought the Lord's burden upon me. And I said, 'Lord, what is happening to me?' The closest thing I could compare to the intensity of the anointing that was upon me at that moment was when the Lord called me into the ministry when I was only fifteen years old. And I said, Lord, what is this? It's something very important.'

One word He spoke to me: Scotland.

Phase Two at Hand

Scotland. I knew what it meant. I knew that He wanted me to come up here, and I knew that he wanted me to come up with a special message. That message is to say to as many people as I can, in as many places as I can, that the second part of that vision is right at hand. It's here, folks, that spiritual awakening: it's starting; the very first signs of it are already upon us. Your generation are going to see a harvest of souls in this land such as you have never seen before. And it's going to have a tremendous effect not only upon this nation and the British Isles, but upon many other nations.

The first sign: Men at Prayer

There are three things that the Lord has asked me to share about this vision everywhere I go: three signs of this awakening. The first is that the Lord is sending a strong call to prayer among men. Early Morning Prayer meetings will start all over the land as men desire to pray, and they will start asking their pastors and leaders, 'Can we meet together before work and pray?' In those prayer meetings there will come strong intercession and an increased faith and vision in these men's souls for the nation. They will not only pray in their own churches, but soon they will start combining together in other churches, with other church groups. And in some places these prayer meetings will grow too big for the building, and they will come out in the open and pray in the parks or in front of town halls.

Wouldn't that be nice, to have a prayer meeting right out here, of hundreds and hundreds of men lifting their voices in prayer for the nation? And it will be a sign in itself: these prayer meetings will be a witness to the nation, and many people will come to the Lord just by witnessing these prayer meetings, and hearing the prayers of these men.

The Second Sign: Christ Revealed to the Young.

The second thing is that the Lord is going to send a tremendous revelation of Himself to boys and girls in this country. Between the ages of nine and fifteen particularly, children will begin to have a revelation of Jesus. They will see Him, they will know Him, they will hear Him, He will speak to them. He will come to them in visions and dreams, He will reveal His word to them. They will be converted and filled with the Holy Spirit and gifted by Him. And they will start praying. They will be healed themselves, and they will start praying for each other; and there will be wonderful healings through these boys and girls.

They will not only be the children of Christian parents. The Lord is going to manifest Himself to those who are in non-Christian homes where there is no love nor real family unity, where there is no knowledge of the Lord at all: perhaps not only for one generation but for many generations no Christian person has been in that family. But Jesus is going to meet them and reveal His power and His presence to them and His love for them. When they start coming to our children and to our teachers and telling what they are seeing and hearing from the Lord, our duty will be to receive them and love them as they are- because they will be rough diamonds, and they will have rather unusual, un-churchy language. But their experiences will be real. Some of their experiences will be so unusual you may doubt them. At that point receive their testimonies at face value, give them the word of God, and teach them how to love: because these children will have ministries not only as children, but as leaders in their adult life, and they will bless your country and other countries. So receive these children, teach them. Those of you who teach Sunday school, those of you who have children in your home and neighbourhood whom you are concerned about, begin to ask the Lord to raise your level of expectation of what they can receive, because they are going to start hearing. And just like the adults, they will start hearing the word and receiving the Lord and being able to receive deep spiritual experiences in the Lord.

The Third Sign: Anointed Preachers

The third thing the Lord said He would do relates to the raising up of preachers. Although this awakening will not be characterised by great evangelists at the beginning, it will produce great preachers. You are going to hear evangelists with such fire, such powers of persuasion that they will touch thousands of people and win them to the Lord Jesus. God is giving these preachers not only to Scotland; He will send them to other parts of Britain, and many to other parts of the world, with an ever increasing ministry of winning many people to the Lord.

Beware of Jealousy and Criticism

When the Lord reveals something to you, then you pray into it, not to make it happen, but to pray that as many people as possible will be involved and touched, and hear. And when I pray for this particular part of the vision, for these preachers and evangelists, I just feel the sorrow of Jesus' heart, for He says to me that He has already given to this land in recent times good ministries, strong ministries, that He wished to increase, but they were cut off, and hindered, and narrowed in the dimensions of their greatness because of jealousy, criticism and envy. In my spiritual warfare I have been coming against that spirit of jealousy, envy and criticism – because I think that it will try to rise up again, even in the face of the tremendous anointing God will give these preachers. So I just ask you to be on guard, be alert to that, and if you feel those feelings and emotions rising up in you against some ministry that God is blessing, be generous in your heart, be quick to repent of it, and ask the Lord to take that away, so that you can contribute and nourish and support those ministries, rather than stand back from them with hostility and jealousy. The Lord is going to use them whether you like them or not. But it would be a lot better if you liked them and got right there beside them, because then you could share the joy of winning souls for the Lord Jesus – because that's what it's all about, folks. The Lord isn't sending us for fun and games, any more then He sent the charismatic renewal for us to have Holy huddles and exchange spiritual gifts like Christmas presents all the time. That isn't the purpose of the renewal. The purpose is evangelism. It's to get out there into that harvest that God is preparing. And you sons and daughters of Scotland will be part of a modern ministry movement that will bless the whole world, and Scotland will greatly contribute to this. So be part of it.

A Deluge of Power

You young people, you are going to see miracles and effective ministry such as our eyes have never seen, as the Lord pours out His Spirit, not only upon the Christians, but upon the unsaved, in these days. So be encouraged. Jesus said men ought always to pray and never give up – because this harvest is bound to include some of your friends, some of your neighbours, your families, who need the Lord. So have faith, have courage.

Take Courage

When I first came to England, Jeanne Harper met me, and drove us from Heathrow in a little Mini car, riding on the wrong side of the road, you know! My daughter and I had five pieces of luggage each – we thought we needed all of that – and so the car was heaped up inside and out with all this luggage. As Jeanne was driving furiously through the peak hour traffic, my heart was thumping, first because I was excited to be here, and secondly because of all the traffic and double-decker buses and everything.

I looked out over the tops of the cases and saw a great big red sign with gold letters saying, Courage! Take courage! And I said to her, 'Isn't it wonderful how your government has put up all these morale boosters!' She said, 'Oh, these are ale advertisements.' I said, 'Oh, well, I'll take it in the right spirit!'

So have courage, folks: take courage, and know that God is with us, and He has chosen to cause our eyes to see things that He has prepared for us in this age that are beyond anything we could ask or think. He will do it, according to the power that works mightily in us as His church. Praise the Lord.



 7. A prayer and prophecy through my wife, March this year.

This was based on a time of meditation on the word of God found in Daniel chapter 5v26-28:

We stand before You in repentance for our nation. We have been found wanting. Forgive us that we have destroyed things sacred to You, such as family life. We deserve Your wrath as a nation. We have done as we please and forgotten Your ways. You have handed us over so that we are now reaping what we have sown.

We have believed our ways to be higher than Yours, and have made wrong choices, and followed other Gods the ‘Medes’ and ‘Persians’ who dictate to us, and try to make us follow their ways and their gods.

O Lord, may the leaders of this nation turn again to follow Your ways, and be led back to the ancient paths.

The Lord:

My people are lukewarm when it comes to prayer. They do it because they know they should. There is no heart motivation. (Look at the 10am prayer meeting – where is the church?) They haven’t died to themselves. Don’t they see the trouble the nation is in?

They let the world mold their lives, rather than spend time with ME. They don’t know My heart, because I can’t trust them to carry My heart. They have wrong motives, and want to live in the comfort of their own homes. I have a worldly church, that shut their front doors, and only come out when it’s convenient. They work all the hours earning money that does not satisfy. The enemy keeps them busy. If they trusted Me, they would see My provision.

Am I not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Do I not keep My promises? Have I not honoured those who honour Me?

I have taught you many things, and revealed Myself to you in My word. You have seen how I move and act. Am I not a God of love and mercy? A God who is jealous, and sometimes angry, but also patient and full of mercy? How long will you play church, and take Me out of the box on Sunday mornings and put me back Monday? THERE IS A REMNANT – those who follow Me, and are obedient to My word, who seek Me with all their heart. They know Me and they are Mine. Made holy and set apart. Ready for action, with hearts that have been circumcised.

(Prayed through Psalm 51)  

Have mercy on me according to Your unfailing love. According to Your great compassion, blot out my transgressions.


Give me time, honour me, and I will honour you, for My ways are perfect, just and true. You must deny Yourselves many things. Take up your cross, and follow Me. Those who walk with Me will be radiant, and shine like stars in the universe. I made known My ways to Moses, and My deeds to the people of Israel. I am compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love. I will not treat you as your sins deserve. My love is great for those who fear Me.   


Our days are numbered. We are here one minute, then the wind blows, and we are no more.




'Do not despise prophecy: Test everything; hold on to the good.'

(The Bible 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 20-21)



























































































































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