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A TRULY 'END TIME' WORSHIP SONG                                                        (TO BE UPDATED)

Heard this recently at Kingdom Faith Church's annual 'Faith Camp'. Apparently it comes from Bethel church in Redding, California, and is sung by Kim Walker of the Jesus Culture band. I can't find it on itunes but I suspect she/they wrote the song.  

I haven't been able to get it off my is so superb, so deep, so worshipful. It  goes beyond what I have heard before in terms of songs based on the book of Revelation, last book in the Bible, where God is worshipped in a profound way. This song captures that without seeming just a song written copying words from the book of Revelation. I believe it was truly inspired by God to be written, and is yet another recognition that we are entering the times of the End, as described in the book of Revelation.

The End Times reveal a Church which really knows how to worship God and is truly devoted to Him. It also reveals what happens in the nations and to individuals who either choose to accept or reject Almighty God. They can receive salvation from sin and the independent spirit, which is estranged from God....'lost' souls, and become adopted into God's family as sons and daughters of Father God. The other choice is to reject God and His love and purpose & destiny for their lives, both in this life and beyond, and they then receive the consequences of that rejection of God's offer of salvation - being made right with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. (See the page on this website, 'Depressed, no hope?...and following page for more depth and explanation.)

 The End Time period also reveals what happens in the future amongst the nations of the earth, and what happens to Israel and to the worldwide Church - both the false church and the true church. So, why not tune into this You Tube video below, where the song is sung, and experience the beauty, majesty and awe of such a song written to aid us in worshippjng God in spirit and in truth.  Lyrics are below the video screen. As I understand it, the song originates from this church.






 REVELATION SONG    (Chords:  B  F”m A E)

Worthy is the

Lamb who was slain

Holy, holy is He

Sing a new song to Him who sits on

Heaven’s mercy seat                    (Repeat 2x)


(Chorus)   Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty

Who was, and is, and is to come

With all creation I sing:

Praise to the King of Kings!

You are my everything,

And I will adore You....


Clothed in rainbows, of living colour

Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder

Blessing and honour, strength and glory

And power be

To You, the only wise King



Filled with wonder, awestruck wonder

At the mention of Your name

Jesus, Your name is Power

Breath, and Living Water

Such a marvellous mystery


 (Beth-el, Redding, California)


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