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Hello and greetings. I'm a Christian believer and a disciple of Christ.  Married to a lovely wife and with a daughter as well, and all of us prophetic. After qualifying, taught for 10 years, then ran a Christian trust for 16 years. Then to Bible college and after, learning my daily bread working 'out there' in the world, learning what it is like to relate to ordinary workers and their familties. Pastoring where I can and still ministering in lots of situations around the country and abroad. Somehow, Jesus communicates prophetically to me - often through the words of the Bible - over current issues and sometimes reveals what He is doing in and through them, and how He wants His Church to respond.


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THE WEBSITE reflects the teachings and prophetic insights I (and others I know) have had over some years. It is contemporary and relevant.   I hope you benefit from the website.

My story is nothing unusual from one point of view.....born into a middle class family. Met my first significant girlfriend at 16 and fell deeply for her. She introduced me to youth club at a church.

A guy travelled on a Friday night all the way to us from 200 miles away, just to talk for 10 minutes about some fellah called Jesus.

I was impressed with the man's dedication and enthusiasm for some guy called Jesus, who apparently gave his life for mine before the Living God, in order to pay the debt I owed to this pure and perfect God. He is God of the universe, Creator of all things in heaven, in the heavens, and on the earth....including me! 

The consequences of my rebellion against God were dealt with by Jesus, God's one and only Son, giving his life-blood for me, out of love and mercy towards me. Now, that message shook me! No-one had ever loved me that much or considered me worth much....I had 3 older brothers who kept me in my place!

Somehow I suddenly believed it, so knelt and invited Jesus, who was raised from the dead by God the Father, to come into my life and be involved with me.

 No flashes of lighning, but a sense of a 'Presence' and incredible peace after a sudden gush of tears. I have never looked back. That was the beginning of a relationship and friendship that has spanned well over 40 years.


Now perhaps you can understand why I love this picture. It reminds me of the love Jesus has for me, even though I am so much older, now.  

Do you know Jesus?

If not, you can reach out right now to Him:

Simply ask Him into your forgive you, and give you a fresh start.     Ask Him to help you get to know Him and to empower you to live a new life for God.  










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