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  At birth, you, along with all mankind, inherited an independent spirit. You were created by God to know Him, and walk with Him in fellowship, as one of His children, and to also be an intimate friend. However, as with Adam, there is planted in you a seed of rebellion which causes you to desire to do your own thing.....'I did it MY way'!

This is true for every human being born, and God knows it. The devil (Satan) is a real spirit being with demonic followers, whose work is to deceive you and us all into not believing the goodness and love of God, but to rebel against Him, ignore Him, reject Satan did.

 Though Satan was cast out of the presence and glory of God's heaven, and those who followed him likewise, we can re-enter something of that glory in this life and then fully when we pass through death into immortality....'eternal life'.....with God.

 The truth sets us free to know God and walk with Him through this life and into glorious eternity....beyond time, into the heavenly realms as true sons of God.


The Bible teaches that we are 'sinners' from birth - selfish, independent spirited, wanting our own way. As a result of this inner attitude, we behave wrongly towards others and God according to God's standards of perfect love and selflessness. We are stuck!

God knows this....

(To be continued...but meanwhile look at the preceding page about depressed, no hope, etc.)


ALSO:   Watch this superb example of what Jesus is like towards a needy person....from the film Ben Hur, below. (You can paste the link at the end of the video into your computer direct from You Tube if you wish.)




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